Shingo/Luna Shipping BSSM Manga Guide Coming soon                        

Welcome to, the Bunnie Network's BSSM site! I made this site because I wanted to participate in the BSSM layout marathon but didn't have a collective. Or, rather, hadn't had one since about 8th grade. So for a few months it was a collective (and a pretty shabby one at that), but now I have decided to add some funny content. To scroll, either drag Sailor Moon's wand, which is up at the side of this text box, or use Eternal Sailor Moon's curls on the ends of her hair (click/hold just like arrows).

So right now I have two of the subpages up... To find them, click on those pictures at the top of this box to open a cute popup (I know, I haven't done popups since 8th grade, but this site's javascript is already bordering on unacceptable anyways. If you're allergic to popups, you can click here to view the site (but it looks better in a 400px wide popup!): Subpages. Here are descriptions of what you will find here.

Luna/Shingo shipping: Do I really need to explain this more. Inspired by the Pikachu/ketchup bottle shipping.

BSSM Manga Guide: Includes my insane collection of BSSM manga and a guide on the formats the manga has been produced in (if you only knew Sailor Moon was made as graphic novels, and are tired of said graphic novels falling apart when you read them, maybe you would find this interesting).

Coming soon: funny screenshots (sexual, weird senshi - can we say Fatty Mask, etc).

Now you can scroll down to view the pretty pictures underneath all of this text if you want.